Photography Tour & Workshop Reviews

It’s great to hear from all of our happy workshop clients, and we thank everyone for sharing their kind words and workshop reviews! In addition to the notes left here on the website, lots of folks have also left reviews on Google as well. We've recently begun to publish reviews in the Journal section of the website under the Reviews and Testimonials category.

Mark Hackmeier ~ Colorado
I have been on many workshops with great photographers but non has ever come close to being this great. Adam took into consideration the clouds, the weather, the right times of the day and hit a home run every time. Amazing!

Adam's advice on composition, my camera menu choices and the use of my camera was invaluable at the Canyon as well as my future picture taking. The team of Sally and Adam was worth more then I can say.

Holly Dean ~ Iowa
I signed up for my first workshop with Adam with a love of photography, but as a novice of "real" camera equipment and no experience. Somehow I convinced Adam to take me on, and he promised to help me learn to use the gear. His love and knowledge of photography as well as the Grand Canyon are unmatched! Not only does he share his insight of photography, but he also shares history of the canyon along with his many stories that leave people wanting more! More of the Canyon and more of Adam! The workshops are also kept small purposely so that everyone gets individual attention and allows you to develop personal friendships that I will have for years to come. I've returned several times to group as well as private workshops and can't recommend anyone that would provide a better workshop experience. I'm proud to be a member of the Adam Schallau "family" because that's what you become after the shared experience!

Marc Haegeman ~ Belgium
Adam's private workshops were in all respects a highly rewarding experience. His photographic expertise as well as his extensive knowledge of the Grand Canyon area proved tremendous assets on both the sunset and sunrise workshops. I learned so many new things, perhaps most importantly of all to create something visually remarkable from what at first sight may look dull and uninteresting.
Warmly recommended.

Many thanks, Adam, and hopefully we will meet again.

John Mohar ~ Texas
I started with Adam’s private workshop and came away with greater photographic skills and wonderful quality photographs. I have been to at least 4 other workshops of his, each time Adam has helped fine tune my skills and the “wow” factor of my photographs continues to grow. Adam knows the Grand Canyon like the back of his hand, he’s lived there as an Artist-in-Residence. His knowledge of when and where to be at the right time to catch the right light and the understanding of how to properly set and focus your equipment is essential in helping you get the best photograph possible (look at his photos). My camera skills have gotten pretty good now but I will continue to return to Adam’s workshops simply because I still learn, it’s beautiful, relaxing and then there is the fun factor. Sign- Up!

Mary Smith ~ Michigan
I was fortunate to be able to get into one of Adam's private workshops, photographing Grand Canyon sunrise and sunsets. His knowledge of photography, the Grand Canyon, and his "chasing the light" passion, made for a great adventure and huge learning experience. I highly recommend Adam and his workshops. I, for sure, am looking forward to future Grand Canyon trips and workshops.

Peter Goldstraw ~ United Kingdom
I have had the privilege to attend two of Adams Grand Canyon workshops. Not only was the subject matter stunning but Adam helped to look at my photography in a different way. I learnt new techniques and met some great like minded people. Lodging and teaching was 5 star....I would recommend Adam as a teacher he is awesome and a great guy.

Gordon Bode ~ Oklahoma
“Just completed my first workshop with Adam (Aug 2018) and plan to attend more. Adam and his wife Sally are great fun to be around and then I suddenly found I was learning new things in addition to all that fun. Knew I needed help with the Grand Canyon and Adam knows it very well. Really didn't think I needed much help with my camera but learned lots of new things about that too. And I was totally impressed when Adam and Sally were taking their downtime to scout and find additional places we could shoot due to some fire closures. Overall, I had a great time, met some great new people in the workshop (found that many of them were repeat customers) learned a lot about the Grand Canyon, and even learned some new things about my camera. Highly recommended!”

Yaz Loukhal ~ Switzerland
“I highly recommend Adam! I had the best trip and the most amazing landscape locations possible. Adam knows the Grand Canyon inside out and was able to give great photography advice and recommendation!
The best!”

Janie Frank ~ Texas
“After finishing two workshops with Adam in the Grand Canyon this year, I wanted to write a glowing recommendation for him. When I got to Facebook, however, I found Susan Litwinetz's recommendation, and ... it said everything I had planned to say! I cannot improve on Susan's comments. Adam is a great teacher, experienced about the Canyon, knowledgeable about seemingly everything that relates to cameras and their accoutrements, a generous guide, and just an all-round fun guy to hang out with. Susan said it best, and I agree with her whole-heartedly. You cannot improve on that description for one of Adam's photography workshop.”

Jane Pittenger ~ Oregon
I just recently shared a private photography workshop in the Grand Canyon with Adam Schallau with two of my photography friends. He was amazing...seamlessly dealt with three women with different learning wishes, physical abilities, and cameras. Despite inclement weather, he took us to just the right spots, helped us fill our SD cards with memorable images, and streched our skills, vision and composition just enough. We were all happy as little clams even with wet cold feet. I couldn’t have been more pleased. Adam has such ease with his students , such a relaxed presence, and he helped us all to go to the next step as photographers. Thank you Adam

Arthur Piccinati ~ Arizona
I've just completed my third Grand Canyon workshop with Adam, and they just keep getting better. He's been very sensitive to my skill level each time and offers just the kind of advice I'm ready for. He set up my D800 in a way I found was most helpful, and he continues to advance me into the Nikon menu each time. Adam's skill goes very deep: he encourages us to shoot the type of image that can be enlarged significantly and printed professionally. That obviously pushes us to master our camera and stretch our abilities, which I appreciate so much. One of the best parts of his workshops is the humorous and light-hearted manner in which all this guidance is delivered: Adam has a well-developed sense of humor which he employs both to entertain and encourage. Finally, Adam really seems to delight in helping his participants progress and get that extra fine shot: this last time I saw him clamber around serious cliffs and ledges so that braver photographers could get the perfect angle. Overall, I can recommend Adam's workshops whole-heartedly. And feel free to contact me.

Susan Frost ~ Oregon
During my visit to the Grand Canyon, I knew that there would only be a small window to take professional photos of the sunset. I was very lucky that Adam was available on that date and time. His patience, knowledge and expertise was essential in helping me capture a few of the golden moments of the Canyon at sunset. Highly recommend Adam for his private workshops. And, besides being an amazing photographer, he is fun to be with!

Cathy Manning ~ Texas
“Booking a private session/workshop with Adam Schallau in the Grand Canyon was money and time very well spent. Adam had a couple of great spots picked out for an extremely early and very cold sunrise. He is knowledgeable about the Grand Canyon and puts you in the perfect location for capturing great images. Hands-on with composition, camera adjustments and explains the whys of what he is suggesting. Every photographer has his own style and technique. This was a wonderful opportunity to learn and broaden my skills with his help and guidance. I feel like I walked away with great images and an even better knowledge of landscape photography.”

Dan Deublein ~ Arizona
“I just wanted to drop you a quick ‘thank you’ in providing me with such an awesome workshop! It’s rare to find someone with your talents that also has the ability to communicate effectively and provide an atmosphere that is inspiring to learn within.”

Benjamin K. ~ California ~ 12 years old
“Thank you so much for teaching me how to take great photos by adjusting composition, border control, exposure, and using a histogram. My photos from the grand canyon are amazing due to your teaching and guidance. I have learned so much from you. I really appreciate you agreeing to be my mentor for the school photography project. Not only have I learned incredible things about photography but also about the history of the Grand Canyon and the challenges it faces, which we should strive to educate people about. My Dad and I are already talking about our next Grand Canyon trip with you.”

Jeff Solomon ~ Ontario, Canada
“It’s been a couple of weeks since our private workshop at the Grand Canyon and I can’t tell you how much of an impact it’s made on me. Now whenever I use a camera I “see” differently. I had never been to the Grand Canyon before, and my time was limited, so having someone who knows the secret nooks and crannies and would be able to take me to the best viewpoints was something I anticipated would enhance my experience. I would have been appreciative of just that, however I was priveledged to receive much more. I’ve been involved in photography in and out for 40 years now, and was aware of many of the technical aspects of photography, however your tips on workflow in the digital age really helped me understand the digital process and upgrade my image quality. More than the technical clues however were your creative concepts. It was great to have you one-on-one over my shoulder during the workshop, and you are still lingering there every time I shoot. Thanks also for taking me out of my comfort zone emotionally and physically and taking my photography to the edge!! I can’t wait until I get to work with you again.”

Nink Allsbrook ~ Alabama
“I am sitting in the Phoenix airport awaiting my flight home, and I have been reflecting on my trip to the Grand Canyon last weekend. I wanted to send you a note of thanks for helping to make it such a great experience. You were the consummate professional from our first contact through the end of the workshop, and you were extremely organized. You were an extremely enthusiastic and affirming teacher, and I learned a lot of things to help me take my photography skills to the next level. I also loved hearing all the stories and history about the Grand Canyon as well. It really brought the place to life for me.

Thanks again for all that you did to help ensure that I had a great time, learned a lot and saw the Grand Canyon in a way that others might not see it. I hope our paths cross again some day.”

Kathleen West ~ California
“My Dad and I were fortunate enough to participate in Adam’s Canyon Thunder 2013 workshop and have a couple of private days in the Canyon with Adam after the workshop. What a fantastic experience! Not only is Adam a phenomenal photographer, but he is a fantastic teacher. I came in to the workshop with a pretty rudimentary understanding of landscape photography and a camera that I had only limited experience using. Adam and his assistant at the workshop, Michael Strickland, were both fantastic helping me understand how to take great pictures and use my camera effectively. Adam also helped me learn how to use Lightroom to really optimize my pictures. I feel that my skill level grew exponentially over the course of just a few days, and I came home with several “gallery”-worthy shots that I can’t wait to hang on my walls!

Not only is Adam a great instructor, but he’s such a wonderful person to educate people about the Grand Canyon. He was so knowledgeable – not just about where to get the great shots, but about the park and the surrounding area in general. Adam was also super personable and friendly to everyone we encountered (and we encountered many tourists looking for quick photo tips.) Adam’s love of the Canyon and of photography is not only evident, it’s contagious. I look forward to continuing to develop my photography skills, and am so grateful to Adam for his instruction and inspiration! I hope I can come back for another workshop with Adam soon!”

Meg Rudge ~ Arizona
"I live at the Grand Canyon, so had a variety of instructors to choose from when I wanted to improve my skills. I chose Adam purely based on the quality of his photos- they are stunning. His style and skill represent what I want to achieve in my own photography. I am extremely pleased with the results; I learned so much from both the field workshop and the Lightroom session. And it doesn’t hurt that Adam is extremely personable and generous with his knowledge!"

Satta Extrakul ~ Thailand
"It was an honor to be able to attend your workshop!! Your knowledge of the Grand Canyon and photography REALLY educated me in so so many ways. I had a blast and would recommend EVERYONE to take your workshop!!!"

John Deines ~ New York
"I wanted to tell you how much I enjoyed the winter Grand Canyon workshop. I was impressed with your obvious energy, enthusiasm, and devotion to both the craft of photography, the Grand Canyon, and your clients.

By example, you very clearly made the participants of the workshop your primary focus. I appreciated your suggestions not only for compositions but to remind us of the progressions of lenses appropriate as the light changed, from wide angle to telephoto, etc, from broad scene to close study. The opportunity to explore some unique vistas at many of the locations, depending on our physical ability and interest, was also worthy of note. It is not often that a workshop leader makes the effort to literally cover all the area his clients are shooting from, at a location, to simply see how they are doing, answer any questions they may have, and offer further suggestions. Your attention to “how we were doing” was very important to all of us, I believe, regardless of our experience.

I also thought that your “class study” was geared toward achieving the most out of the workshop and the individual instruction and assistance on our images was well done.

Lastly, your ability to change the itinerary to take best advantage of the weather conditions, is an indispensable strength that helps make you a superior workshop leader. And you always got us in position to shoot, at the right time, something not always easily done when dealing with a group of 8.

Again, thank you for a wonderful shooting experience. Would I take another Adam Schallau workshop?…No question, YOU BET!"

Quang Tran ~ Australia
"During our trip to the Grand Canyon, I organised a private photography workshop with Adam. I had a great time with Adam being my coach capturing some magic hours shots of the Grand Canyon. Adam is a very generous person with his teaching and is happy to tell you anything photography. I learnt a lot from Adam and got some nice images as well.

Coming all the way from Australia to the USA, my visit of the Grand Canyon was one of the highlights and having Adam as a photography instructor was definitely worthwhile. I would recommend Adam to anyone looking to improve their photography skills."

Scott Davis ~ Florida
"Adam is an exceptional photographer and adds to this skill set the ability to teach the novice or the experienced with patience and understanding. His knowledge of photography sets him above others in the business. Bottom Line: a great instructor."

Mike West ~ California
"Not only is Adam Schallau an outstanding landscape photographer, (just look at his web site for confirmation), he is also an excellent teacher. He is patient and provides an amazing level of support to those in need of assistance. When we signed up for Adam’s Grand Canyon Photography Workshop I purchased a new camera. Naturally, when I arrived at the workshop I needed extra help. Adam is extremely knowledgeable about equipment, post shooting software and photography in general. He got me on the right path in short order.

I cannot tell you how much I learned in the few days we spent with Adam. Anyone who enjoys photography and wants to have their very own killer shot of the Grand Canyon could not find a better way to accomplish that goal than to take Adam’s workshop. He loves the Grand Canyon, he loves what he does for a living and he exudes enthusiasm from every pore. Ours was a five star experience."

Leroy Wiley ~ Arizona
"I sure had a good time and learned a lot. It’s great to spend time with someone you know has a lot to teach you and who will tailor the teaching to the student’s level of knowledge and experience. That’s rock star quality service. And you’re good company too. I look forward to hooking up in the future."

Cheryl Tyson ~ Florida
"Adam Schallau is a fantastic Grand Canyon photography tour guide. I recently hired him for multiple private sessions which included sunrise, sunset, and nighttime star sessions. He is very personable and professional, courteous, and punctual. Not only does he seem know every square inch of the park, how to move around the masses, and all of the great photo spots for the best light and weather conditions, he is also quite knowledgable about all aspects of the Grand Canyon: from its native and geological history, to anything current involving or affecting the Grand Canyon or its future. Adam seems to embrace the Grand Canyon as his home, and is quite passionate about sharing it with his clients. Not only did I have an amazing photography guide, but I had my own personal tour guide as well.

I consider myself an advanced hobbyist photographer, with a lot of experience with photography tours and instructors. Adam offered excellent, clear, concise guidance; and helped me take my landscape and astro photography to the next two or three levels. He was very familiar with my camera equipment, so we didn’t waste any time trying to understand gear. This was my first trip to the Grand Canyon and my first tour with Adam.

He really did a fantastic job….. I was very impressed. I will make sure I have Adam with me on any future trips to the Grand Canyon."

Bill and Nellie Kerkhoff ~ Canada
“I wanted to let you know that Nellie and I very much enjoyed the day we spent with you, and really appreciated all you did for us during our workshop. Thanks again for your services. I can certainly highly recommend your Grand Canyon photography workshop to anyone that is interested! Hope we can meet again at some future time.”

Cindi Bonnet ~ Virginia
“Thank you ever so much for the great memory pictures of our photo shoot!!! Lance and I had such a great time and have shared with several friends our experiences. Hopefully next year we will get to Arizona in October and we will check out your regular workshops in case we can do one of them again and if that doesn’t work we will try to hire you for a day-shoot just to connect once more. I’m afraid there will be greater and greater demands on your time.

We have been on one other workshop several years back. There were over 13 photographers present, once again varied backgrounds, and the “classroom” was a platform for the leader to show his pics with little info as to how or where or what was done to get picture to print quality.

The amount of information that I took from that workshop compared to the amount of information I took from yours is worlds apart. That’s the difference between teaching photographers to take pictures and teaching photographers the ART of photography. Thank you again for the great memories.

You have definitely put together your understanding of painting and photography to produce some of the richest and most appealing pictures of the canyon I have ever seen.”

Mark Short ~ Texas
“Early mornings and late nights!!! You keep it moving during your workshops, but it all is worth it at the end… Great pictures, great friend and overall just an amazing experience!! I recommend it highly!!! Thanks again!!”

Stephen Milano ~ From the road
“I wanted to say thanks for an amazing day spent photographing the Grand Canyon. I think our chance encounter out at Lipan Point was some synchronicity at work. I had struggled for days with the complexity of the Canyon – and meeting you and arranging a day in the field was just what was needed. It was an amazing day in so many ways – your passion not only for photography but also for the Grand Canyon itself really created a special experience for me. I not only learned some valuable techniques but also learned so much about the history of the Grand Canyon – your “office”. You are a credit to the “Artist in Residence Program” – you are passing on your deep appreciation for an amazing place after that time afield there. After our workshop, I extended my stay in the Canyon for another week – and, after applying your ideas, the images captured were simply superior to what I had captured before our chance meeting. Adam, thanks again!!”

Adam Ansted ~ Australia
“I just wanted to say thanks again for a great experience at the Grand Canyon. I learned so much, and the whole experience was really enjoyable, better than I could have imagined!”

Niina Kolehmainen ~ Finland
“Thank you again for the fantastic time at the Grand Canyon. It was really good and we were very happy with all the things we did. I have been looking through my photos and I think it will take me a while to get to grips with them. Just from the initial review I have already noticed a great improvement.”

Charlotte Avera ~ Texas
“My photography workshop in Taos with Adam Schallau was amazing and far exceeded my expectations. Adam’s knowledge of photography and his willingness to share that knowledge is a true gift. He went out of his way to accommodate my needs and desires for the workshop, creating a learning experience that was a lot of fun. This was by far one of the best photography experiences I have had. I can’t wait to book another workshop.”

Steve Carter ~ Massachusetts
“If you love landscape photography and are willing to do whatever it takes for a great photograph, this is the experience for you! We hired Adam Schallau, a local professional photographer, to be our guide for four days in the Canyon. Adam is a former artist in residence in the Canyon, and an amazing photographer. We had the experience of a lifetime. Each day, we were up by 3am, met Adam by 4am in the park, and traveled to the sunrise location for the day. We watched (and photographed) from Adam’s personal favorite vantage points as sunrise slowly washed over the scene. After breakfast and a break, we did some other photography mid-day, took a nap break, then met again late afternoon to go to the sunset vantage point for the day. We watched (and photographed) until dark, as the warm light of sunset morphed the landscape. This was the most amazing photographic experience we’ve ever had, and Adam is a fabulous guide.”

Andy Laub ~ California
“I hadn’t touched a camera since my kids were babies twenty years ago. Somehow I fell in to a photo workshop in Taos with Adam Schallau. It was a life-enhancing and continues to surprise me. Yes, he was patient, organized and thorough in all of the basics I needed to learn. Of course he is an experienced outdoor aficionado, steeped in safety practices and the methods of providing a comfortable journey. His knowledge and enthusiasm for appreciating the unique, natural places of the southwest is worth far more than the tuition fee.

He also taught me about how professional photographers give back to protect these rare and beautiful places. He donates his work and time to causes that support the appreciation and preservation of the outdoors. But far more importantly Adam taught me how to begin to “see” the world looking for color, textures, and the simplicity of beauty. I caught his enthusiasm and joy. I couldn’t be more grateful.”

Jim Beasley ~ Texas
“Thanks again for such a great workshop. I enjoyed our time together, and all that I learned about you and your photography. I also appreciate what I learned about MY camera. Taking photos now with much greater confidence in what the photo will actually look like when processed.”

Patti Coblentz ~ North Carolina
“I enjoyed our 2-day workshop and time spent shooting together. I learned a lot from you and had a great time traveling and exploring so much of the area in and around Taos! Your ears must surely have been ringing because I have bragged about you and your work to many, and will certainly refer you to anyone I know of that might be traveling your way. So far I have won one finalist award for an image we shot together, taken on our walk through town. More than awards, though, I learned so much from you. You were very organized and succinct in your teaching.”

Michael Strickland ~ Kansas
“I was fortunate enough to work with Adam for a day at the Grand Canyon National Park this past spring. It was truly wonderful to meet someone so passionate about his work and about this marvelous place, which really shined through in his work. Adam is not only a great photographer, but an excellent guide as well. With knowledge of the history of the canyon and its people, the workshop really was an overall learning experience. Photographically, Adam helped me see subtleties in the canyon that would have otherwise been missed. Not only did we witness incredible light, but Adam helped me capture it — and capture it well. Still today, I use many of the techniques Adam taught me. Being my first true experience of the Grand Canyon, Adam inspired me to pursue my passion for landscape photography and will always be remembered as the guy who showed me the light, figuratively speaking. Thanks, Adam! I hope to see you again soon.”

Priscilla Ouchida ~ California
“Thank you for a wonderful workshop! I just got finished looking through all my photos, from both the South Rim and North Rim of the Grand Canyon, marking the ones I want to process once I get home. I have at LEAST a dozen photos that so far above my skill level that I could have never dreamed of taking them before I met you. I figure if I practice all the things you taught me over the next year, I should be able to get a lot more out of the workshop by August 2012.”